The Berrios Family


The Situation

The Berrios’ live in Fredericksburg, Virginia, about 50 miles south of Washington, DC.  The family is serious about their sustainability. In addition to seeking renewable energy sources, the Berrios’ keep a backyard flock of laying hens for fresh eggs. Their garage also doubles as a greenhouse so that they can produce fresh vegetables even through the winter. The Berrios’ love to entertain guests in their 3,000+ sqft home. However, frequent power outages in their area made this task difficult, especially during the holidays. 

The Solution

Teddy Berrios reached out to us in November of 2019, just before Thanksgiving. He wanted a solar power system that would provide both monthly bill reduction AND a secure power supply for emergency backup. 

After evaluating several options with our design engineer, Teddy elected to:

  •  Install the Outback Radian hybrid solar with a battery backup system. 

  • For the solar panels, they selected a 24-panel array with a total power of 7,800W. 

  • Additionally, we installed a 20kWh battery bank, giving the Berrios’ enough reserve energy to power the home’s critical systems (including central A/C) completely independent of the power company.

That’s enough solar power to remove $150 per month from their electric bill.

"We are thrilled with our new system saving us a ton of money… additionally, it was great to have battery back up when a storm knocked out grid power for 2 days...”

The Berrios’s own their energy. Get Prepared. Be Empowered.

The Alsop Family


The Situation​

Michael and Katelyn Alsop live in Goochland County, Virginia, about 20 miles west of the state capital of Richmond. The Alsop’s own and operate two thriving home-based businesses. The first is a wedding and special event photography business. The second is an online photography education service offered virtually to students around the globe.  


They had been frustrated with sky-high electric bills, frequently topping $300 per month during peak demand season. The family has always been serious about sustainability. In addition to seeking renewable energy sources, the Alsops invested in a Tesla electric vehicle in 2019. 

The Solution​

After doing a bit of research and seeking recommendations from friends, Michael contacted us. ​

  • After comparing several options with their system designer, the Alsop’s decided to have us install a 9.9kW grid-tied solar power system. The system size would allow them to maximize electric bill savings while staying under the 10kW size cap, thus avoiding Dominion’s Energy “standby” fees.

  • Ever since their initial system went live in summer 2018, the family has been enjoying monthly electric bill savings of $150-200.​

The Alsop's own their energy. Get Prepared. Be Empowered.