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Save Money and Be

Energy Independent

Solar Power and Battery Backup

Free Yourself from the Power Company with Your Experts in Solar Energy

Power Your Home During an Outage

Designed to run all your essential household appliances

Power Your Home During an Outage
Reduce or Eliminate
Your Electric Bill
Whole Home
Battery Backup 

Paying too much for

Your Power Bills?

Think solar is too expensive?

Most homeowners pay less per month versus their power bill and have payback within 2-3 years

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill with solar energy

Not sure of your options?

You will be guided by experts through the process from design to financing

Unsure if solar will work for your home?

We will verify your home with a site survey and checklist

Be Empowered

You have the freedom to choose
how you get your energy

Feel Confident with Expert 

Experience You Can Trust


Solar Panels Installed


Off-Grid Installations


Satisfied Clients


Years Solar Experience

Are your Energy Bills more than $100/month? Talk to one of our Solar Experts

Learn How Solar Can Work For You

The Solar Surge Solution

You will be guided every step of the way to make sure you get the right system for you and your family. 

Educate & Qualify
  • Energy Audit

  • Understand needs

  • Verify Suitability

  • Q & A

Design System
  • Solar Assessment

  • Home Analysis

  • Personalized Design

Facilitate Financing
  • Assess Term Needs

  • Loan Application

  • Source Best Lender

Site Survey
  • Verify Measurements

  • Determine Placement

  • Validate Design

Project Fulfillment
  • Planning

  • Engineering

  • SMART Build Out

  • Support

No Risk Obligation with No Money Down

100% Risk Free Cancellation Policy*


4-8 Weeks Install Guarantee

Change Your Mind Up to the Site Survey

$0 Down, 0% Interest, No Payments for 12 Months


"I have an HOA and my panels were put on the front of my home and Nexus took care of all of the paperwork for me ... Since the system was installed, my Dominion bills have been for 0 kWh's and my meter is actually -900 kWh's to date...I would definitely recommend them, especially if you are looking for battery backup for your home."

- Sarah

"This has been simply the best company to work with. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They delivered everything that was promised and the installation was done unbelievably fast!... I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for solar/battery/generator."

- Andrew Brockell

"Installed a 66-panel rooftop grid-tied system at my home. [The team] designed and built the system which is now producing more than 100kWh on sunny days. The installation team was knowledgeable and efficient. The company was a pleasure to deal with."

- Grant

Will you be stuck with high electric bills as energy costs continue to rise?

Dominion Energy has approved rate increases by the Virginia State Corporation Commission of 7% per year through 2023!

You have the freedom to choose how you get your energy.

Choose to be Empowered

Your Solar System Options

Off-Grid System

Primary Purpose:

Secure Power Supply

  • Complete Off-Grid

  • Power Essential Appliances During Power Outages

  • Power Home When Grid is Down

  • Charge with Generator

  • Remote Monitoring (Web/Smartphone) Available

Starting at:


Grid-Tie System

Primary Purpose:

Maximum Return on Investment

  • Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bill

  • Sell Energy to Grid (Net Metering)

  • Remote Monitoring (Web/Smartphone)

Starting at:


Hybrid System

Primary Purpose:

Complete Energy Independence

  • Off-Grid Power

  • Emergency Backup

  • Sell Energy to Grid (Net Metering)

  • Remote Monitoring (Web/Smartphone)

  • Charge with Generator

  • Generator Auto-Start

Starting at:


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